Threading is an ancient hair removal technique where a length of cotton thread is twisted in a loop, rolled along the surface of the skin and the hair is removed directly from the follicle. Either one hair or a row of hair at a time can be removed, as the technician has complete control. The result achieved is a very crisp, clean and defined brow line as threading allows us to get much closer to the brows than waxing.

Our signature Brow Perfection session includes a one on one consultation, brow threading, trimming and brow makeup to give the perfect finish to your new arches.  A Brow Tint can be added to the session at an extra cost. Brow Tint enhances the brow shape and makes them appear fuller. It can be used to darken or lighten the brows as needed. Makeup can also be applied immediately after the shaping.

We’ll also show you step-by-step instructions on how to fill in the brows at home like an expert and a brow product demonstration from the Perfect Brows range.


Almost every day, we get clients walk in with brows that are uneven, asymmetrical or have had too much waxed/threaded off in the past. With an experience of over 30+ years in shaping and threading, we can correct and reshape any brow.  It may take a few sessions, but we achieve 100% results where possible. Your brows frame your eyes and balance your face shape. Choose your brow practitioner carefully and always research, review and ask for referrals.