Eyebrow Tattoo

At Perfect Brows, We provide expert eyebrow feathering and cosmetic tattoo services on the Gold Coast.
Proportion, symmetry, and balance is the key to perfection. Everyone’s brows are a unique canvas and we work to enhance the natural contours of the brow. We carefully measure and select the brow shape which is perfectly proportioned to your facial structure and brow bone. We can add definition to sparse brows, add symmetry to uneven brows and if the brows are completely missing we will re-create a brand new set of custom brows for you. The quality of our work is one of the many reasons we are the highest rated cosmetic tattoo, and eyebrow tattoo salon on the Gold Coast.

Client’s Health and Safety is our priority. We use disposables in our treatments and use the highest quality pigments that do not oxidize under your skin. Numbing Cream is used before and during the procedure to make it a comfortable experience. As per Queensland Health, numbing cream is prescribed by a compounding chemist after carefully reviewing your current health and medication (if any).

Feather Touch Brows, AKA eyebrow feathering/feather stroke brows – is a semi-permanent procedure which gives the effect of super fine hair strokes that look completely natural. Each individual stroke is carefully implanted and blends in with your own brows to give them a seamless and perfectly defined look.

Ombré brows is a mix of light and dark pigment blended in the brow to give a softly filled in look with the misting effect.

Powder Brows is a semi-permanent procedure that gives a more dense, defined and bolder look. Perfect if you are after a more “filled in” powdery result. The colour can be as soft or dark as you would like.

The procedure begins with a one on one consultation where the brows are threaded and drawn in with a pencil best suited to your individual face shape. Specialised custom pigments are tailored to suit each individual’s skin and hair tone to make sure the brows are perfectly matched. Once you are 100% happy with the template and colour, we will go ahead and start the procedure. Client comfort is very important to us, and numbing agents are applied before and during the treatment to ensure the experience is as painless as possible. The appointment takes around 1.5 to 2 hours.

After the procedure, you will be given an aftercare sheet to take home for your referral, please follow these instructions carefully if you want to achieve the best results possible.

During the healing process, the pigment may fade up to 30% which is expected with any semi-permanent procedure. Therefore, a touch-up appointment is compulsory and strongly recommended within 4-6 weeks to get the best results. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Before Your Micropigmentation
Let us know:
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
If you have been on Roaccutane
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Any enquiries can be addressed to us by email, instagram message,  and call/text. Click here to see our Contact Info.

We suggest you have a look at our instagram pages to see our style and technique of work. We have photos, videos, before & after photos and also healed results from tattooing. You can find this on Divya’s instagram page – @cosmetictattoobydivya
and also on Reena’s Instagram page – @perfectbrowsbyreena.

We take great pride in our work, and work to achieve the perfect result for every client – so if you are looking to get eyebrow feathering, feather stroke eyebrows, powder brows or any other cosmetic tattoo procedure for your brows on the Gold Coast, get in touch with us to start!



Good Morning Reena, thank you so much for doing an incredible job with my eyebrows. I have had a few compliments already. I am so glad i have now found an expert in brows.

Mel, Client

Reena! I have been messaging you to say a massive thank you!! My eye brows have never been as perfectly shaped as you have done them! thank you!!

Dani, Client

Amazing! I had my first brow tint and shape with Divya and was unsure about how they would look but was amazed at the beautiful result! So happy! Will definitely be returning regularly, thanks, Ladies.

Bree, Client

Reena’s work is amazing. I’ve been going to her for years now and even though it’s not close to me, it’s worth traveling the distance. She truly is a perfectionist and gets it right every time. I also get compliments from other people because of her work. Her salon is always very clean and well presented. I highly recommend trying Perfect Brows, you will not be disappointed!

A Yongco, Client

I’ve been going to Reena for a number of years now and won’t have anyone else touch my brows! She is a master of her art and I travel almost an hour away to see her as no one else compares. Reena’s consultations are personalized to ensure you’re happy when you walk out the door, and she has a great space in Robina that’s easy to get to & has lots of parking. I couldn’t recommend Reena any higher. So don’t delay, call today!

Courtney A, Client