This treatment is to enhance your own lashes from straight to curled up look. It’s a natural curl which shows off the full length of the lashes. Finished off with a lash tint, they look longer fuller and open up your eyes! This treatment instantly lifts the lashes from the root and provides a sky-high curl for your natural lashes. The lashes are then tinted for a long, luscious and perfect finish lasting for up to 8 weeks. It is very popular with clients who do not want the high maintenance that comes with lash extensions, do not use makeup, are going away on holidays, play a lot of sports or who just want to have fabulous lashes all the time! This revolutionary treatment will provide you with lashes that defy gravity and have a beautiful curl all day every day with no maintenance required.

Lashes can be so stubborn. You can give in to all the tempting ads of expensive lash curlers and mascaras- just to find that the lashes drop within a few hours and so do your expectations. For the beauty hackers among us, they’ve tried loads of different solutions – from a strip of falsies to lash extensions. But over a period of time,with the glue at the  base of natural eyelashes and the added weight of the artificial lash, health of your natural lashes does suffer..

Welcome the lash lift into your life- It’s a game-changer! It’s a popular treatment all over the world, whether you live elsewhere or in the Gold Coast, lash lifts give you the best of both worlds. You get the beautiful curl and lift – while keeping your natural lashes damage-free! 

For people who are having a break from lash extensions, an eyelash lift is the perfect treatment as it gives the illusion of the lashes being longer and thicker. If you haven’t already, just try them once – you’ll be blown away with the results. You will never go back to even using lash curlers – ever again.

The Procedure

With any personal service, experience matters.We have been doing eyelash lifts since the late 90’s when they were called a lash perm – that’s what it is ! It breaks down the protein bonds of the lashes to alter their structure to reshape them into their curled up shape on the silicon rod. It was a popular treatment and has been even more so with the new name Lash Lift.

There’s no preparation as such prior to your appointment. Just show up to our Perfect Brows clinic for an eyelash lift in Gold Coast, and we’ll take care of the rest.

At your appointment, we’ll first have a chat with you to figure out what kind of look you are after. For instance, whether you’d want to wear mascara every day, like your lashes very high upwards or prefer a more natural looking lift etc. Based on what you’re looking for, we’ll pick a curl size and technique that best fits your requirement.

We begin by deep cleaning your lashes and separating the top from the bottom. Using a gentle adhesive, we then apply a silicone shield to your lashes to hold them in place. We proceed to comb your lashes and meticulously place each lash in position. We apply the lash lift solution which is single use for hygiene. Its followed by a neutraliser. Once the lift process is complete, the curled up lashes are tinted.  Whether you’re looking for the best  lash lift in Robina, or in the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves in providing a professional service with our highly trained and experienced technicians

We suggest you have a look at our instagram pages to see our style and technique of work. We have photos, videos, before & after photos and also healed results from tattooing. You can find this on Divya’s instagram page – @cosmetictattoobydivya
and also on Reena’s Instagram page – @perfectbrowsbyreena.



Good Morning Reena, thank you so much for doing an incredible job with my eyebrows. I have had a few compliments already. I am so glad i have now found an expert in brows.

Mel, Client

Reena! I have been messaging you to say a massive thank you!! My eye brows have never been as perfectly shaped as you have done them! thank you!!

Dani, Client

Amazing! I had my first brow tint and shape with Divya and was unsure about how they would look but was amazed at the beautiful result! So happy! Will definitely be returning regularly, thanks, Ladies.

Bree, Client

Reena’s work is amazing. I’ve been going to her for years now and even though it’s not close to me, it’s worth traveling the distance. She truly is a perfectionist and gets it right every time. I also get compliments from other people because of her work. Her salon is always very clean and well presented. I highly recommend trying Perfect Brows, you will not be disappointed!

A Yongco, Client

I’ve been going to Reena for a number of years now and won’t have anyone else touch my brows! She is a master of her art and I travel almost an hour away to see her as no one else compares. Reena’s consultations are personalized to ensure you’re happy when you walk out the door, and she has a great space in Robina that’s easy to get to & has lots of parking. I couldn’t recommend Reena any higher. So don’t delay, call today!

Courtney A, Client