Cosmetic Tattoo – Lip Tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing gives the illusion of full lips by enhancing the lip line without surgery or fillers. It helps create symmetry and balance for uneven lips and adds colour & definition. We have many shades of specialist lip pigment available which can be matched to the natural tone of your lips or even your favorite lipstick to achieve that perfect pout!

Lip tattooing is an effective alternative to injectables. Not everyone likes the idea or the pain of being injected in the sensitive lip area every few months. This has the added benefit of a coloured lip for definition and chic finish.

With a lip line and blend, a natural look is achieved where the colour is blended from the lip line down the middle of the lip for a seamless and subtle finish. It’s a good choice, if you want definition in the lip shape and not much pigment. You can just apply a lip gloss or lip tint or your favourite lipstick and you are ready in seconds -You can throw away the lip pencils for good!

With a full lip colour tattoo a more defined and bold look is created on the whole lip. We will match the pigment to your favourite lip color. We then proceed to create the lip line and fill the lip area with the pigment. This will make sure you have a defined full lip contour at all times without having to touch up with lipstick every few hours. A lip gloss and you are ready to go. You can always top it up with any other color if you want, no drama!

Lip tattooing or lip blushing is semi-permanent makeup for your lips. It is a form of cosmetic tattoo that enhances your natural lip colour and improves your lip shape, giving it more definition and fullness. Once healed, your lips will look naturally more voluminous and shinier. The Perfect Brows clinic is known for natural looking and long lasting results for lip tattooing in Gold Coast.

Please Note: Any form of hair removal from around the lip should be done a few days prior to the appointment. If you have a history of cold sores, you will need to consult with your chemist and take anti-cold sore medication for up to 7 days after the procedure to avoid any breakouts.

During the healing process, the pigment may fade up to 50% which is expected with any semi-permanent lip procedure. Therefore, a touch-up appointment is compulsory and strongly recommended within 4-6 weeks to get the best results. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Some Medical conditions and medications can have an impact on the final result of cosmetic tattoo. Our consultations prior to the treatment take this into account and are an important part of the procedure.

We suggest you have a look at our instagram pages to see our style and technique of work. We have photos, videos, before & after photos and also healed results from tattooing. You can find this on Divya’s instagram page – @cosmetictattoobydivya
and also on Reena’s Instagram page – @perfectbrowsbyreena.



Good Morning Reena, thank you so much for doing an incredible job with my eyebrows. I have had a few compliments already. I am so glad i have now found an expert in brows.

Mel, Client

Reena! I have been messaging you to say a massive thank you!! My eye brows have never been as perfectly shaped as you have done them! thank you!!

Dani, Client

Amazing! I had my first brow tint and shape with Divya and was unsure about how they would look but was amazed at the beautiful result! So happy! Will definitely be returning regularly, thanks, Ladies.

Bree, Client

Reena’s work is amazing. I’ve been going to her for years now and even though it’s not close to me, it’s worth traveling the distance. She truly is a perfectionist and gets it right every time. I also get compliments from other people because of her work. Her salon is always very clean and well presented. I highly recommend trying Perfect Brows, you will not be disappointed!

A Yongco, Client

I’ve been going to Reena for a number of years now and won’t have anyone else touch my brows! She is a master of her art and I travel almost an hour away to see her as no one else compares. Reena’s consultations are personalized to ensure you’re happy when you walk out the door, and she has a great space in Robina that’s easy to get to & has lots of parking. I couldn’t recommend Reena any higher. So don’t delay, call today!

Courtney A, Client