Feather Touch Brows (also known as microblading) are super fine individual hair strokes that are carefully tattooed to blend within your own brows. If you want a very natural fullness and definition to the shape of your brows, or if you have overplucked/sparse brows – then this is the perfect treatment for you. Price $895 includes a complimentary 6 week touch up

Ombré brows is soft and light shading through the front of the brows which gets increasingly darker from the middle to the tails. This technique is created with a digital machine and implants pigment in the skin to give more of a soft powdery effect. If you love the look of freshly tinted or henna brows, then Ombre brows are perfect for you. Price $895 includes a complimentary 6 week touch up

Combo Brows is a mix of hairstrokes through the front of the brow, which blends seamlessly with shading throughout the rest of the brow. This treatment is perfect if you want the best of both worlds and if you are after a bit more definition than a feather brow. Price $895 includes a complimentary 6 week touch up.


Eyeliner Tattoo – say hello to smudge/water proof eyeliner that looks amazing 24/7. We have a range of different options from natural lash enhancement or a thicker eyeliner, to top or bottom eyeliner – the choice is yours. Prices start from $495 and include a complimentary 6 week touch up


Lip Tattoo is a blush of colour which is softly implanted into your lips using a digital machine. This treatment gives the illusion of fuller, plumper and more defined lips with a soft splash of colour. This is perfect if you have lost the definition in the border of your lips due to ageing, fillers, scars, smoking etc or to restore colour  to naturally pale lips. Prices start from $850 and include a complimentary 6 week touch up

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Threading Services

Threading is a unique hair removal technique where a length of cotton thread is twisted in a loop, rolled along the surface of the skin and the hair is removed directly from the follicle. Threading allows us to get much closer to the brow line than waxing. Either a single hair or a row of hair can be removed at a time as the technician has complete control. Threading is much quicker, less painful, better for sensitive skin and much more precise than waxing. The result achieved is a very crisp, clean and defined brow line with minimal trauma to the skin. Threading can be done on any area of the face including brows, cheeks, lip, chin.

Brow shaping – includes consultation, threading, trimming and optional brow makeup. 

Brow correction – includes consultation, threading, trimming and optional brow makeup. We specialise in correcting uneven, asymmetrical brows and help you grow back your brows if they have been waxed/threaded off too much in the past. With over 32 years experience, we can reshape and correct any brow over time. 

Brow shaping & tint – includes consultation, threading, trimming, custom tinting and optional brow makeup. Tint lasts up to one week on the skin and up to 4 weeks on the hair. Best suited to clients who want more of a softly defined brow. 

Hybrid brows – includes consultation, threading, trimming, custom brow dye and optional brow makeup. Brow dye lasts up to 2 weeks on the skin and 6 weeks on the hair. If you want a bold and defined brow with a long lasting skin stain – then this treatment is perfect for you. 

Facial threading – includes brows, upper lip, cheeks, chin, sides of face. Neck can be added at an additional cost. 

Deluxe Brow Treatment – Treat yourself with a calming and cooling rose infused luxury brow mask as an add on to your brow appointment. Super soothing and relaxing! 

Add Ons – Brow tint only, Lash tint, Upper Lip, Upper Lip and Chin.

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Lash Lift and Brow Lamination

Lash lift and tint – this treatment lifts the lashes up from the root for a sky high curl! It is very popular with clients who don’t want the high maintenance of lash extensions, don’t want to wear mascara, are going away on holidays or just want fabulous lashes all the time. Lasts 6-8 weeks and includes a complimentary tint. Price $100

Brow lamination – a treatment that helps to smooth out and redirect brow hair to achieve a fluffy and fuller look. If you have thin, flat, uneven coarse or unruly brows – then this is perfect for you. Lasts 6-8 weeks. Prices start at $70

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