Topical anaesthetic is applied to the area for 30mins, and in the meantime you will fill out medical and consent forms. Then we will take before photos, and tidy up your brows with threading. We will then start the shape consultation – according to your facial features we will assess and measure where the start, arch and tail of your brows should be. We will then draw on the brows with a pencil, we are happy to make any adjustments or changes to the shape for you. After this, we will have a colour consult where we analyse the best shade for you according to your hair colour and skin undertones. We have a wide range of colours from blondes to browns, most of the time we will mix colours together and create a custom colour for each client. Once you are 100% happy with the shape and colour, we will go ahead and start the tattoo which takes approximately 45-60mins. Anaesthetic gel is applied during the procedure, so the pain is minimal. We will then take after photos, and explain aftercare and provide you with a complimentary aftercare pack which includes a detailed instruction sheet and antiseptic cream. We will then book your touch up in 4-8 weeks time.